Floor Waxing

When done properly, waxing your floor can extend the life of your floor by several years, making it an investment in your floor that pays for itself over the course of the life of the floor. However, if done improperly, it can leave your floors looking dirtier than before. Why? If not properly prepared and cleaned extensively before the stripping process, the newly-applied wax locks in the remaining filth that wasn’t cleaned and treated before, and cannot be removed unless you re-do the entire strip and wax process over again, costing you more time, money, and inactivity of your facilities floors. This is why every C.F. Commercial Industries job comes with our C.F. Quality Guarantee. The strip and wax process is a cost-effective method of keeping your floors clean, presentable, damage-resistant and aesthetically pleasing, but not if you have to pay for the same job twice in a week because it was done improperly the first time around. Call or email us today to schedule an appointment for us to check out your floor waxing needs and we will provide you a quote within 48 business hours.