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Post Construction Cleanup

C.F. Commercial Industries specializes in premium construction cleanup tailored for any builder or contractors needs.  We can clean at any or every stage of the build!  Whether it be a commercial project, a home build, or simply a lot pickup, we can clean the work site! 

Floor Waxing and Carpet Cleaning

Our strip and wax process keeps your floors clean, presentable, damage-resistant and aesthetically pleasing!  Our carpet cleaning leaves your carpets looking new, smelling fresh, and halts the spread of bacteria and allergens from your facilities. 


C.F. Commercial Industries provides painting that specializes in attention to detail, properly coated surfaces, and timely completion.  No more splatters and overspray!  When professional cleaners paint your facility, the site is left looking spotless! 




About Us

C.F. Commercial Industries is a diverse cleaning solution for any organization. Our two founders, Nick Foster and Kennedy Carrier, started waxing floors and handling organizations wide range of janitorial needs as a way to fulfill their lifelong dream of entrepreneurship. Their vision came true and has since grown to a multi-faceted cleaning company! However, we have not stopped at cleaning. Once our reputation continued to grow and clients continued to speak well of us, we expanded our janitorial and floor care company into construction cleanup, pressure washing, painting and concrete polishing! Steadily, we continue to expand our services as we have become your one-stop shop for all your janitorial, cleaning, and trades-related needs. We look forward to working with your organization for the long-haul, as both our entities continue to grow together.


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Quality Guarantee

Switching providers is always challenging, especially in a service related industry like ours. C.F. was never too fond of the reputation most cleaning companies had plagued our industry with. Poor reliability, poor communication with the organizations they service, and overall poor quality cleans have been the signature of most commercial cleaning companies in our neck of the woods, and have also been the very reasons for the switch from their current providers to C.F. Commercial Industries. We take pride in our work, and take our quality a step further than others. Each job completed from C.F. Commercial Industries comes with a quality guarantee. How do we quantify that we completed the job as expected? We go in to each and every job with a pre-made itinerary of the expectations tailored for that specific job; we understand every project is different, and as such requires different areas of attention. Our supervisors go over the work of each crew completed, and ensure every area has been hit. In the instance of an item that has been missed, take a photo of the neglected aspects of the job, and email them to nick@cfccleaning.com. If this was an item that was missed during our clean, we will send our team back out to complete the job right away. Your satisfaction is essential to us maintaining our pride in our level of quality. We look forward to working with your organization!